iProMSys Core Applications

The product is designed to integrate with client’s in-house systems and industry third-party tools to have single-source of information for real-time reporting.

iProMSys Core Applications

Deliverables & Progress Management

Project deliverables across all phases of the project reside in one central location, allowing their progress to be tracked , interrogated and reported in a flexible manner. This module is linked with the timesheets and personnel management modules thus allowing for ‘earned value’ and productivity reporting per project requirements.

Personnel Management

Assigns and tracks project personnel in terms of mobilisation, project allocation, utilization and demobilisaion on a role based approach. Flexible reporting for manpower forecast loading and client invoicing across a multiple project environment. This module is linked with  the timesheets module as part of the core applications.

Timesheets Management

Tracks and allocates personnel’s time across multiple projects. This module is linked with Personnel Management and Deliverables & Progress Management Modules thus allowing time capture against deliverables or project activities. It takes cognisance of the respective time zones, working hours and time allocation tracking (leave, public holidays etc).

Coming soon/In Development

Budget and Cost Control

Tracks and trends project budgets, earned budgets, cost allocation, forecasting and management of change. Flexible Cost Breakdown Structure (CBS) per project allowing effective drilldown options for interrogation and reporting. Standard industry practices incorporated as a basis for Earned Value Management.

Vendor Management

Vendors are tracked and monitored right from pre-qualification stage through to project execution in terms of compliance, capability, capacity and experience. Vendor performance is tracked across project phases in terms quality, cost & schedule allowing effective performance management and reporting.

Procurement and Logistics

Provides procurement and logistics management across the full project life cycle. Procurement is tracked from material take off stage thru requisition, purchasing, expediting and delivery to site. Flexible procurement progress reporting allows timely interrogation of supply chain status. This is linked with Vendor Management module for capturing good received with Over, Shortage & Damage feature and associated invoicing.

Sub-contracts and Service Orders

Provides subcontract & service order management across the full project life cycle. subcontracts & service orders are tracked from award stage thru key milestones and delivery stages in terms of quality, cost and schedule. Flexible reporting allows timely interrogation of progress, performance and management of change.


Construction, Commissioning and Handover

Defined work breakdown structure (WBS) allows tracking and monitoring of construction progress per area, per discipline etc. It allows flexible ‘rules of credit’ for integration and drilldown of progress. Seamlessly integrated across Construction & Commissioning to report Systems/Sub-systems progress for safe and structured project handover.

| The Supporting Apps are designed to be utililized with Core Apps or as indepent modules.