iProMSys Supporting Applications

The product is designed to integrate with client’s in-house systems and industry third-party tools to have single-source of information for real-time reporting.

Supporting Applications

Project Peer Review

Peer Review module provides a platform to conduct a comprehensive health check for projects across all stages. The review consists of a series of review processes to capture and report project health status in an effective and consolidated method. The module is provided with peer review checklists as guide lines for reporting across all project stages. The checklists can be tailored to client business requirements.

Document Management

Document management module provides a platform to track documents development and control aspects of project documentation. Built-in workflows allow tracking of document status at multiple stages during the project life cycle. Flexible categorization with secured access to the portal allows integration of internal and external stakeholder documentation repository.

Interface Management

Interface management module provides a platform to capture and report all project interfaces with internal and external stakeholders. Flexible categorization of interfaces per project requirements allows effective management of all technical and non-technical interfaces.

Risk Management

Risk management module provides a platform to capture and report all project risks. A flexible matrix allows for identification, categorization and mitigations of project risks across all project phases in terms of quality, cost and schedule.

QHSSE Management

QHSE management module provides a platform to capture and report quality, health, safety and environmental metrics for all phases of the project. Flexible reporting with leading and lagging indicators allows timely interrogation to provide appropriate and timely corrective actions / improvements.